Quality Work Since 1989

For over two decades, Ballesteros has been specializing in bathrooms renovations. Our core values are to provide you with superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Extraordinary remodeling occurs when ordinary is no longer acceptable and our goal is to exceed your expectations. We honor your business and will accomplish a great job with our quality material, punctuality. professionalism, and integrity.

Your dream bathroom is a life-changing investment and we hope to earn the opportunity to prove we are the best!

The First Ballestros Truck that Started It All.

The Ballesteros Story

Ballesteros Bathroom Renovations is a family based business started by Omar Ballesteros. 

Omar started with room editions and he noticed a problem with his clients bathrooms. The bathroom wasn't done well and the contractors took 2 to 3 months to finish.

Omar saw an opportunity to do the job better and faster than the other guys. He brought on his wife Kim into the business and they grew the business together.

Omar Ballesteros in the office in the earl 90's.

In Loving Memory of Kim

Kim believed in Omar and contributed greatly towards Ballesteros Bathroom Renovations. Unfortunately after over a decade of battling cancer Kim passed away. 

We are keeping her name alive through the dream we started together. In honor of her memory a portion of the proceeds have been and will continue to be going to a non-profit.

If it was up too Kim we believe she would choose City of Hope because she loves her daughters and all kids.

The Family, Customers, and Workers Love You Kimmy!