Serving You Beyond Our Work

At Ballesteros our service for you doesn't end when the remodeling is complete.

Resources bellow will add continued value to your bathroom remodeling experience.


Luxury Home Spa Experience

A home spa experience can be right in your newly remodeled bathroom! Treat yourself to a soothing hot spring getaway with purified, moisturizing mineral water.

The Anespa DX produces healthy ionized mineral water by removing contaminants such as chlorine and bacteria. Then adds safe, all-natural minerals that leave your skin and hair fresh.


ADA Wheelchair & Handicap Accessibility Solutions

The bathroom is a place for your prepare and relax. This is an experience everyone should be able to enjoy easily.

Not all bathrooms are designed for everyone, but at Ballesteros we take pride in making custom designs to compliment your lifestyle.


Honoring Those that Serve

If you served our country in the military or protect the people in our cities, we honor you with exclusive offers and discounts.

Veterans, active military, police, & fire receive $500 off any purchase of $3,500 or more!


Maintenance Guide

Protect your investment and maintain the condition of your bathroom with these helpful tips:

Cultured Marble, Reglazed Surfaces, Fiberglass, & Tub Surfaces
Clean with 409 All Purpose spray and sponge once a week. Never use abrasive cleaners. 

All Tile Surfaces
Wipe down walls with a squeegy or towel once a day & once a year use a Tile and Grout cleaner and sealer. 

Vinyl Floors
Clean with Pine Sol, a mop and warm water once a week. 

Marble, Granit and Travertine
Use a cleaner made for Natural Stone or Murphy's Oil Soap once a week. Squeegee walls floor after every shower. Once a year seal the grout to protect from water damage.

Shower Doors
Clean with Windex once a week and squeegee after showers.

Plumbing Fixtures
Clean with Windex once a week. All plumbing fixtures need to be wiped dry after every use to avoid the collection of hard water spots, which will develop into corrosion. 

Helpful Tips
Never let water sit on any surface or you will get water build up. Always air out your bathroom of steam, it can cause mildew, rust, and deterioration. Open a window or turn on the fan for about an hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard contractors take forever to finish a project because they only work a few hours a day, due to over booked schedules. Will Ballesteros do the same?  

No, we have a foreman assigned to each job, he work on your bathroom Mon. - Fri. We complete about 95% of our projects on time. 

Some companies boast about being busy for 2 months. If it takes that long to start, will it take 2 months for them to come back if I have any problems?

We pride ourselves on having a "Real Warranty"! If you have challenges with your bathroom, we do our best to be back within 48 hours! 

Your company came highly recommended, however your prices are a little higher. You are still quite lower in price to Home Depot, but still some of the other bids I've gotten are lower, why is this? 

There are new "start up" companies every day, they really don't know the prices so they under bid other companies. They usually go out of business within a couple years. Honestly, what's the point of a "good price" with no warranty and a leaking tub? 

Is it more economical for me to buy the materials for my bathroom and have your company do the installation? 

We do not resell materials. For example if we buy an tub for $189 that's what you get it for (plus tax). Most companies will not warranty the materials you buy, only the labor! Let us do the purchasing for you with a 1 year warranty and peace of mind.